About me and my car!

So what's up everyone? Well let me tell you a little bit about me and this blog. My name is Miles Lankford. I am a drag racer. Now I'm no professional, but I love racing. I started this blog to talk about the nights I race, how things went, how I did, how the car did, etc.. So you probably want to know what kind of car I drive. Well it is a Richard Steven's dragster, powered by a 496 Big Block Chevy. I have one sponsor: Shell Rotella T. I bracket race, normally at Mobile Dragway. But I have been to other places. I have a competition drivers license good for Super Comp and ET. The fastest I have been so far is a 4.67 at 127 at a 600 ft. track. I would like to pursue racing as a career. I'm a junior at the University of South Alabama majoring in Special Education. Well that's a little about me and my car. If you have in questions, just leave a comment!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday May 29

Well it rained on us. We got to run the time trials and round 1 of elimination. I feel like me and the car are doing better. My lights are getting better and the car is running more consistent. So when only ended up running the first round. I ran a guy that had just got his car back together. He was there mainly just to test it out. So needless to say it was a easy round, and I mean easy. I had a 4.82 dial in. I cut a .016 light and light out half track to run a 4.87 at 116. He did not have a good light and I caught him right past half track and just lifted. It's a nice feeling to get an easy round every now and then. Because trust me at Mobile Dragway it is tough to win. Since it rained out after round all the winners split the pot. I walked away with $100. It's always good to walk away with more money then you took!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday May 28

I went out tonight to run in the truck race. We have an old white truck at my house, that hardly ever gets driven, so I decide to take it. I made a bunch of time trials, but the truck was just not made for racing. I didn't brake anything, but I was not consistent at all. It kept bogging at the starting line. So of course I ran first round and I lost! I can not blame the truck though. I had the guy beat, and I should have hit the brakes. But I didn't and I broke out! Hopefully I do better tomorrow!

Saturday May 22

Wow, what a weekend. I had no luck at all. Lost first round of Friday, then Saturday I lost first round bought back then lost second round. Not do so good, I need to pick it up. The first round the car rolled when I let off the trans-brake. Causing me to red light and run way slow. The next round, the car ran dead-on, but because of the red-light I add some numbers to my box and had a bad green light. Not that it would have much mattered anyway. Mobile Dragway has the toughest competion around. The guy I lost to cut a .002 light and ran dead-on. What can you say, sometimes it's your day sometimes it's not!

Friday May 21

Well this post is a little late. Sorry got busy this week. I went out Friday to race in the USA Drag Club race. The USA Drag Club is a club my dad started at University of South Alabama. We have a bracket race once a month. I raced my mom's HHR in it. I didn't do so good. It's hard to swap from racing a dragster to a street car. I lost the first round to the, eventual winner, Rick Kichler. I still had fun. It's nice to get a few college students together and with a love of racing. Oh and here is a picture of what my mom's car looks like, cause I know you are wondering!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday May 15

Did ok this weekend. I won the first round against Johnny,the person that has put me out the last two weekends in a row. The car was running pretty consistent. I dialed in at 4.83 most of the night. But in the second round it picked up and ran a 4.79, but the next round went back to a 4.83. I think I found why the car runs off sometimes. It's my fault, I am not watching the temp of the car. The temp needs to be the same every run. Now that I know maybe, I can get the car to run a little better!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday May 8

Well I didn't do so goos this time. In the first round of eliminations, the car never really hooked up. I had a 4.77 dial in and ran a 4.98. So I bought back in for round two. I ended up running the same guy, Johnny, I ran in the final last weekend. I lost, and not because me or the car did something, just because he did awesome. He cut a perfect .0000 light to my .021. He ran dead on his 5.65 dial in. I ran a 4.78, one off my 4.77. I just got beat! So the weekend didn't go as well as hoped, but I still had fun and thats all that matters. Still no pictures yet. I'm going to try and start taking some. Well until next time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saturday May 1

So it was the first weekend out with the car. For a little info, we just got the motor back and I missed two points races at Mobile already. The night started off rough. The motor was still breaking in and didn't want to cooperate. But things got better as the night went on. I was cutting good lights all night long. My best was a .003 and my worst was a .021. Through most of the night I was dialing in at around 4.86. But then in the semi-finals the car picked up and ran a 4.81. Thank goodness the other guy red lighted. I ended up coming in 2nd. I cut a .005 light, but the car smoked the tires at the starting line. Though I don't think it really made a difference. The guy I ran against cut a .001 light and ran dead on with a 4. All in all a great night. I got 40 points and moved into a tie for tenth in the points. Not to bad for having missed the first two races. Well that's all for now more to come. Hopefully I'll have pictures next time and maybe some video!