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So what's up everyone? Well let me tell you a little bit about me and this blog. My name is Miles Lankford. I am a drag racer. Now I'm no professional, but I love racing. I started this blog to talk about the nights I race, how things went, how I did, how the car did, etc.. So you probably want to know what kind of car I drive. Well it is a Richard Steven's dragster, powered by a 496 Big Block Chevy. I have one sponsor: Shell Rotella T. I bracket race, normally at Mobile Dragway. But I have been to other places. I have a competition drivers license good for Super Comp and ET. The fastest I have been so far is a 4.67 at 127 at a 600 ft. track. I would like to pursue racing as a career. I'm a junior at the University of South Alabama majoring in Special Education. Well that's a little about me and my car. If you have in questions, just leave a comment!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday May 15

Did ok this weekend. I won the first round against Johnny,the person that has put me out the last two weekends in a row. The car was running pretty consistent. I dialed in at 4.83 most of the night. But in the second round it picked up and ran a 4.79, but the next round went back to a 4.83. I think I found why the car runs off sometimes. It's my fault, I am not watching the temp of the car. The temp needs to be the same every run. Now that I know maybe, I can get the car to run a little better!

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